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Apros in brief

Apros is multifunctional software for modelling and dynamic simulation of processes and different power plants. Apros can be used on an ordinary office computer. Our references are mainly from nuclear power plants and combustion power plants. A dynamic simulation model allows you to easily examine the plant and process behaviour. Apros can simulate fast transients and different states of the systems without difficulties.

A great advantage of Apros is that it combines accurate process modelling with sophisticated automation modelling. With Apros, it's possible to see how the process and the automation work together, and the whole integrated system can be studied and optimised in detail.

Industries & applications

Apros provides rigorous dynamic simulation models to support various engineering tasks. It can be used e.g. for safety analysis, process design, training or automation testing. Efficient use of dynamic simulation models can speed up and improve design and engineering work. As a result, you get more efficient processes and save money.

Apros is widely used for safety analysis of nuclear power plants. In the nuclear field, Apros has been used to simulate many different plant concepts, including both boiling and pressurised water reactors.

References & cases

Apros is already used in 26 countries and the users are e.g. nuclear and combustion power plants, automation suppliers, paper mills and solid oxide fuel cell system developers. Apros has proven to be essential in various engineering tasks, like safety analyses, training and process optimization and design.

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