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Apros for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Pulp and papermaking processes are a challenging field for modelling and simulation due to the variable nature of the raw materials used, complex processes and possibility for multiple end products. Apros Paper is an advanced tool for dynamically simulating papermaking processes as well as major parts of pulping processes. Apros includes efficient tools for detailed simulation-model configuration and high-accuracy solution methods combined with new tools for pulp and paper quality modelling and tracking of fibre processing history data. These features and tools substantially increase the utilisation potential of dynamic simulators in pulp and paper manufacturing processes.

Ideal tool for dynamic simulations

The detailed, real-time dynamic simulator is an ideal tool for examining and designing the cooperation of the process and its automation during normal and exceptional operating conditions such as web breaks. Furthermore, dynamic simulation with Apros Paper provides tools to study disturbances due to equipment or automation malfunctions, operator actions, or raw-material quality variations.

Paper machine

Developing and optimising papermaking processes

Apros Paper has been successfully used in the development of faster and more agile short circulation process and automation concepts, in paper machine cross direction control system development (Metso Automation), in air impingement drying development (Metso), in board machine grade change optimisation (Stora Enso BM2, Kaukopää, Finland), in approach system disturbance attenuation studies and in mill-wide mass and energy balance studies (M-real).

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Available PDFs on Apros Pulp and Paper:

  Apros Pulp and Paper Process Models 

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