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26.11.2015 Apros 6.05 SR1 released

Apros 6.05 Service Release 1 (SR1) is ready. Please contact your Apros supplier to get it.

E.g. following changes to 6.05 version were made
* Problems related to file IO with IO_SET fixed
* SCL improvements e.g. aLoadIC/ASaveIC, adelete, connection of calculation level modules with amodi, SCL functions to attach signal flags to signal terminals, aconnect to support branching, alistProperties
* Possibility to export/import subscription and chart definitions as text files
* Possibility to use control rods with multiple materials for reactor types 35, 37 and 50 added
* Usability improvements: binary signal value toggling inside diagrams: select and press T, Subscription unit can be edited after creation

Alongside with the 6.05 also corresponding 5.14 is available. It is useful e.g. when transferring old Apros 5 models to the new version.