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3.10.2016 Apros 6.06 released

The Apros team is proud to announce that Apros 6.06 is ready. Please contact your Apros supplier to get it.

New features include e.g
* Fully dynamic memory allocation! Model size is now limited only by available physical memory and license extent
* Adapting nodalisation feature added to heat_pipe, nuclear_reactor_1d, reactor and reactor_channel module types. This feature is useful when calculating quench front
* New parallelization mechanisms has been added. Most notably MPI-based parallelization of 6-equation model solution has been added. Also TH2, containment and neutronics solution can now be ran in parallel with other solutions
* Negative form losses can be defined
* New T-branch process component (TEE) has been introduced.
* Calculation of the surface temperature of the liquid pool is added to 6eq model.
* Many attributes switched from single-precision float to double-precision, such as simulation time/time step, pressures, temperatures, liquid levels of tanks and mass flows of pipes, pumps and valves. Fixes computational precision problems from the solver and long-standing problems of simulation time tracking precision in the UI.
* Enhanced SCL-functionality. Especially new Apros Legacy functions were added and improved
* Chart UI improvements e.g. new hairline options, improved configuration dialogs
* New eclipse rich client platform version 4.5 taken into use that made it possible to start using Java 8