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10.1.2017 Apros 6.06 SR1 released

The Service Release 1 (SR1) of Apros 6.06 is ready. Please contact your Apros supplier to get it.

Changes from 6.06 to 6.06SR1 are mainly bug fixes and small enhancements to existing features.

Most important fixes and changes are done to
* SCL scripted user components - Before these fixes, SCL scripted user components were not usable at all. In 6.06, this feature was essentially broken.
* Simulation of cold state tanks that contain non-condensable gases
* Containment - bug fixes e.g. to containment spray, boron transportation and fission product calculation through water branch, Situation where containment node was fully filled with water
* Severe accident - bug fixes e.g. to handling of array sizing (fission products and heat structure count going to 0) and utilizing CCFL correlation also to branches going in and out of reactor core
* ACL experiment - The problem caused ACL data channel resubscription mechanism to get stuck
* Heat exchangers - They generate their connection points now immediately
* Combination - Negative loss coefficients initialisation in the COMBINATION module type had a bug that has been fixed

Please request release notes to get a detailed list of fixes.