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Apros 6.07 ready

Apros development team is happy to announce that Apros 6.07 has been finished and ready to be downloaded. Please contact your Apros supplier to get access to it.

Here is a list of some of the new features/bug fixes:
•    SCL User component improvements e.g. possibility to create own Apors solver moduletype
•    Several improvements for modelling CFB plants e.g. new module type HEAT_TRANS_SOLID2, possibility to limit particle flow, Easier way to give composition of solid fuel (e.g. possibility to define ash and coal mass fractions in fuel)
•    Bug fixes to Severe accident calculations
•    System time version of OPC UA server
•    Point kinetics model (simple nuclear reactor model)
•    AXIAL_FAN can be defined to generate heat
•    Added support of fins to HEAT_EXCHANGER_TS and TUBE_HEAT_EXCHANGER_1 module types
•    Shared library containing user components: Orifice, Smooth bend, Expander and Reducer
•    Beta feature: 3D-reactor visualization (simulation results strored in HDF5 format)
•    Beta feature: Adaptive nodalisation added to DESIGN_REACTOR and FUEL_ROD

Beta features are ones that have been implemented, but still require more testing before they can be fully released.