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Apros 6.07SR1 available

Service release 1 for Apros 6.07is now available. Contains fixes and minor new features. Detailed list of fixes is available through the release notes available in the Apros manual e.g. changes related to following features are included:

  • New view: IO set control panel
  • Prevent model import wizard getting stuck at "Priming Indexes" while waiting for the imported model's experiment activation to finish
  • SCL: replace depreceated consoleCommand with aexec and one can use inSimulation check in SCL user component
  • D'n'D of diagram profile monitors
  • Interpolation of the Kv curves
  • AUTOM_EVENT messages broadcasted to ACL command channels
  • Compressor: handles correctly internal valves characteristic curves and calculation of the derivative of the pressure increase of the compressor in respect to mass flow has been corrected
  • Remove deadlock found from the parallelization of external models feature
  • Possibility to utilise improved Moody and Henry-Fauske correlations to calculate critical flow