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Apros Thermal 6.08 available

An official release of Apros 6.08 Thermal is now available. A detailed list of changes can be found in the release notes in the Apros manual.

  •     Simulation Backtracking Support: The backtrack feature allows modelers to automatically save model state during simulation and rewind back to saved state.
  •     Diagram profile selections are now included in model exports and restored in model import.
  •     SCL scripts can now be created and stored under models and shared libraries, opened up and edited in their own validating text editor, and executed directly from the Model Browser or from the script text editor.
  •     In user component SCL scripts it is now possible to use a new exists test to see if a MODULE or MODULE.ATTRIBUTE exists and is valid for the user component.
  •     Fixed platform indexing regression introduced in 6.07 release that in certain conditions gave the user the possibility to give the same name for multiple modules in a model configuration.
  •     Fixed problem in process level module renaming-related refactoring logic.
  •     Critical heat flux of can be given by the user in 6-eq model e.g. if the user wants to use a correlation not available in Apros.
  •     Heat pipe wall can be divided to separate parts with different materials and connections to other heat sources and sink.
  •     Fixes to ensure repeatability of the simulation results in different scenarios
  •     New Attributes (homogenous, 6eq or both) for Hydrostatic pressure difference, latent heat, mass flow, Given Pressure Effect, flow velocities, heat capacities, heat conductivities, viscosities, surface tensions, Reynolds numbers and Prandtl numbers, calculation mode of the enthalpies transferred between the liquid and gas phases.
  •     Calculation of T-junction improved.