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Apros Nuclear 6.08 released

An official release of Apros 6.08 Nuclear is now available to be downloaded. A detailed list of changes can be found in the release notes in the Apros manual.
New Apros Nuclear specific new features and fixes include e.g.:

  • With the 1D and 3D reactor models, the current power profile can be stored and used for defining the decay heat power profile.

  • With the 1D and 3D reactor models, the required values of conservativity factors corresponding to a given reactivity coefficient can now be automatically calculated.

  • Improvements to containment solution e.g. New calculation method for water flows in the containment, boiling calculation in the containment model node filled totally by water has been updated, stabilizing the 6-eq <-> containment interface

  • Multigroup neutronics calculations of fast reactors can be performed