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Apros products

  Apros Combustion Apros Nuclear Apros Nuclear 3D + Containment Apros Pulp & Paper
Thermal hydraulics solver codes
(two-phase calculation,
3, 5 and 6 equation solver)
 x x x x
Water/steam material properties incl. non-condensable gases x x x x
Basic Process Components x x x x
Nuclear Process Components   x x  
Analogue and Binary Automation Components x x x x
Electrical Components (AC and DC) x x x x
Graphical user interface x x x x
Time-series Trending Tool and Data Logging Tools x x x x
OPC Client/Server x x x x
External Model Integration x x x x
1D Reactor Neutronics   x x  
3D Reactor Neutronics     x  
Containment Model     x  
Pulp & Paper Process Components       x


Apros modelling and calculation services

With Apros we can offer:

 Apros software and training


Modelling services


Simulation services

You have the opportunity to become an independent Apros user and/or we can provide you with all the modelling services, including building of the calculation model and calculating the simulation results.

We can even provide you with results only. We have over 20 years of experience, from full-scale nuclear power plant analyses and simulators to pulp and paper industry process models and optimisations.

Apros Training

Apros training courses are available for all Apros users to get off to a quick start using Apros. The courses are always specially tailored and well-defined to give users the maximum support. Apros training courses can be arranged in Finland or at the customer's premises.

Apros Licenses

For more information on Apros licences, please contact us.

Apros Support & Maintenance

Apros users get support from their defined support person. Apros developers have a large group of professionals who are ready to solve questions customers have related to the Apros software or to the customer's calculation model.

Apros maintenance service guarantees the latest version updates for customer use.