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Apros references from conventional power plant industry

GE Power

  • Baden, Switzerland: Plant integration, dynamic modeling and testing of process control concepts for combined cycle power plants. Design license 1997 -
  • Windsor, USA: Design license 2001 -
  • Stuttgart, Germany: Dynamic modelling for testing of process control and boiler performances during normal operation, start-up and disturbances. Design license 2004 -
  • Norrköping, Sweden: Apros is applied for developing and verifying process optimization measures on Scandinavian NPPs and utility plants. Design license 2006 -
  • Belfort, France: R&D / Engineering dynamic simulation for thermal & nuclear power plants. Design license 2007 -
  • Mannheim, Germany: Plant optimization and system integration with dynamic modeling of coal- and gas-fired power plants. Design license 2011 –
  • India: Design licence 2015 -
  • Massy, France: Black out and dynamic modeling of boiler behaviour for CFB boilers. Design license 2015 -


Meyer, Finland
Apros Basic for dynamic studies of ship energy systems
2017 - 

Energoprojekt Katowice, Poland
Process industry & power plants
2015 - 

TÜV Nord EnSys Hannover GmbH, Germany
Engineering analysis  
2015 - 

Fortum Oyj, Hydro Power and Technology, Finland
City district simulations and analysis in EU-research project called District of Future  
2014 - 2015

Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm, Germany  
Education and Research  
2014 -  

TÜV SÜD, Germany  
Process industry & power plants  
2014 -   

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), Greece   
2013 -   

Daewoo Marine, Korea   
Software for engineering and analysis  
2013 -    

Fortum Värme Samägt av Stockholms stad AB, Sweden    
Engineering simulator software  
2012 -    

E.ON New Build & Technology Gmbh / Uniper, Germany    
Process and control analysis, design and engineering  
2012 -     

Siemens VAI Metals Technologies Gmbh / Primetals Technologies, Austria    
Research and analysis  
2011 -   

Honeywell Automation India Ltd/India, Doosan/Korea, NTPC/India
Fossil-fuelled power plant model. Engineering and training simulator.
2009 -

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH, Germany
Engineering analysis
2008 -

Voestalpine Stahl GmbH, Austria
Research and analysis
2008 -

TU Wien, Institute of Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion, Austria
Research and analysis
2008 -

TU München, Institute for Energy Systems, Germany
Coal fired steam power plants and CHP combined cycle gas turbine power plants. Design license.

  • Control optimization
  • Increase of load change capability
  • Life cycle assessment of steam generator

2006 -

Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
Fuel cell power plant model. Design license.
2005 -

Wärtsilä Corporation, Finland
Fuel cell power plant model. Design license.
2004 -

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland
Engineering simulator for Assiut University, Egypt.
2004 -

Southeast University, China
Research and analysis on thermal power plants.
Fossil-fuelled power plant model, training simulators:

  • Henan Yaomeng Thermal Plant, Pingdingshan City, China
  • Pingwei Power Plant, China
  • Yangzhou Power Plant, China

2003 -

Fortum Sendi Prima Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Combined cycle gas turbine power plant model. Generic Large Scale CCGT simulator
2002 -

Thermal Power Research Insitute, China
Fossil-fuelled power plant model, training simulators:

  • Yu Huan Power Plant, China
  • Shan Tou Power Plant, China
  • Meng Xi Power Plant, China
  • Su Zhou Power Plant, China
  • Tai Cang Power Plant, China
  • Wei Hai Power Plant, China
  • Diandong Power Plant, China
  • Huilai Power Plant, China
  • Shanwei Power Plant, China

2002 -

Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Research and analysis on thermal power plants.
2001 -

Fortum Service Ltd, Thailand
Combined cycle gas turbine power plant model. Compact training simulator.
2001 -

Edison SpA Italy
Upgrade of the engineering simulator software to PC environment.
2001 -

Alstom Power Italia S.p.A., Italy    
Thermal power plant simulator development. Design license. 
2001 -  

Andritz, Finland   
Water circuit analyses of several recovery boilers. 
2000 -  

Alstom Energy Systems Gmbh, Stuttgart, Germany   
Power plant simulator development. 
2000 - 

ABB Power Automation Gmbh, Baden, Switzerland
Power plant process and automation simulator development. Design license.
2000 -

Singapore Ministry of Environment, TUAS South Incineration Plant, Singapore
Power plant training simulator. Runtime license.
2000 -

VA TECH ELIN Gmbh, Vienna, Austria
Power plant simulator development. Design license.
2000 -

Mälarenergi AB, Västerås, Sweden
Full-scope power plant training simulator. Runtime license.
2000 -

Helsinki University of Technology, Control Engineering Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland
Combustion power plant simulators. University teaching and public research license.
2000 -

Sermet Oy, Kiuruvesi, Finland
Combustion Power plant simulators. Design license.
2000 -

SE Eesti Energia, Narva, Estonia and Fortum Engineering, Helsinki, Finland.
Power plant simulator for automation system factory acceptance testing for Eesti Power Plant.
1999 - 2000 

Kvaerner Pulping Oy
Combustion Power Plants, Design license.
Kraft recovery boiler simulator development and consulting.
1999 -

Amec Foster Wheeler Energia Oy, Varkaus, Finland
Combustion Power Plants, Design license.
1999 -

Wacker Chemie GmbH, Germany and Fortum Engineering, Finland
HRSG and steam accumulator analysis and simulator development for Burghausen Power Plant Concept.
1999 -

Tokio Electric Power Company, Tokyo, Japan
Combustion power plants. Design License.
1998 -

Ship Training Center and Ministry of Education, Espoo, Finland
Ship engine room including diesel engine models. Design license.

ABB Power Plant Laboratories, Windsor, Connecticut, USA
Fossil power plant dynamics, boiler start-up studies.

Endesa SA, Madrid, Spain
Desulphurization plant simulator development and analysis consultation.

KHIC Korea, Doosan Heavy Industries of South Korea, South Korea
Combustion Power Plants model. Compact training simulator license.
1994 -

Edison SpA, Milan, Italy
Combustion power plants.

  • Process analysis of the Burgo - Verzuolo Cogeneration Plant.
  • Process analysis of the pressure net for 580 MWe Marghera Levante Power Plant.
  • Compressor inter-cooler system analysis for Piobiono Power Plant.

1994 -

Tecnatom SA, Madrid, Spain
Combustion power plants. Design license.
1992 -