Apros 6.09 Released

Apros 6.09 version has now been released ( Please contact your Apros supplier to obtain the new release.

Some of the main updates in Apros 6.09 are listed below. For a complete list, please check the release notes in the Apros 6.09 documentation. It is strongly recommended to always study the release notes when updating to a new Apros version.

  • Generic calculation level visualization: Calculation level visualization is now available to all process components. This provides the user an easy graphical way to observe and understand the internal calculation level structure.
  • Engineering improvements: New attributes, improved process component calculation models and a new gas ejector component. These updates improve Apros’ capabilities in engineering work.
  • New license protection system: The license protection system is changed for 6.09. The new system allows new license types: floating license (with borrowing) and usage-based license. The change does not affect the users of the previous versions (6.08 or earlier).
  • Apros Python integration: Plug-in for integration of Apros and Python has been developed and is available now.
  • Documentation updates (e.g. attribute tooltip by hovering and combo-box enumeration for applicable attributes).
  • Profile Chart to show e.g. pressure profile from multiple nodes. Includes time-slider to see the profile evolution during transient.
  • Heat structure solution parallelization and other improvements to simulation speed when using adapting nodalization in nuclear reactor.
  • New add-on: Apros Co-Simulation Tool for CFD: Apros Co-Simulation Tool for CFD dynamically couples Apros simulation software to compatible 3D computational fluid dynamics software. The add-on is available for Apros releases starting from 6.09.
  • New add-on: Operation UI: Apros Operation User Interface is a plug-in tool for creating fully Apros integrated simplified operation HMI diagrams. The add-on is available for Apros releases starting from 6.09.