Semantum has joined the Apros® Partnership program!

Semantum is a software development company offering engineering automation solutions for rapid and efficient design and delivery of modern plants as well as simulation-based Digital Twins for decision support of operational facilities. Semantum also specializes on development, maintenance and integration of system simulation tools used for industrial applications.  

Over the years, Semantum has been an important partner in Apros® development efforts. Semantum is now also offering Model Broker® toolset. Model Broker® is a software solution for automatic generation of Apros® simulation models, both process and control application, from P&I diagrams as well as from automation logic diagrams in PDF format.

“We are happy to join the Apros® Partnership program. Apros® is an important part of our business and we believe that is a key technology for developing simulation based Digital Twins, which are the cornerstone of the current digital transformation in industry.” -Tommi Karhela, Chairman of the Board, Semantum.