Apros 6.10 is out now!

Apros 6.10 ( has now been released.

Some of the bigger enhancements are listed below. For a complete list, please check the release notes in the Apros 6.10 documentation.

  • Pipeline – new way of modelling pipelines including a 3D view of the pipeline geometry
  • ISA Valve – new process component with mass flow and flow
  • Resistance calculated according to the ISA/IEC standards​
  • User Defined SCL-scripted Correlations for heat transfer, heat radiation, and wall friction correlations in homogenous model – please check tutorial session 23 for usage examples
  • Some functionalities of the motor pump and generator refactored
  • Improved calculation of pressure losses
  • New User component execution phases (e.g. post-preparation)
  • New SCL functions: stepUntil and handling of “non-visual” modules

Please also note that at least these changes might require you to re-tune or modify your model:

  • Voltage Controller improved. Check that all generators have sensible frequency set point.
  • Motor pump curve bug fix. Might affect heat and torque curves especially at low volume flows.
  • Nuclear only: Control rod effect in reactor types 40-42 has been fixed. This may have a small effect on the power distribution in cases where control rods are completely inserted in the reactor core.