Apros 6.11 is released on October 5, 2021

New version Apros 6.11 is released on October 5, 2021. Please contact your distributor to receive the new version. Some of the most significant new features and improvements are listed below. For a complete list of changes, please see the release notes in Apros 6.11 documentation.

New features of Apros 6.11:

  • New process components: Condensing horizontal and vertical heat exchanger. New process components to more accurately model condensing vertical (COND_HEAT_EXCHANGER_VERT) and horizontal (COND_HEAT_EXCHANGER_HORI) heat exchangers have been added.New heat exchanger modules for Apros 6.11
  • New feature: Dimensioning tool. UI feature for standards-based dimensioning of the process components. The first version supports the dimensioning of diameter and thickness of PIPE, HEAT_PIPE, TEE and all valve components. Directly supported standards are EN 10220 and the Finnish PSK standard. Additionally, the user can easily import any own standard in a simple tabular format. See video.
  • New feature: User-defined correlations for 6-equation model. User-defined correlation feature has been extended to the 6-equation model. Following correlations are supported: critical heat flux, gas and liquid film thickness, gas and liquid interfacial heat transfer, and gas and liquid Nusselt number correlation of natural convection. See video.
  • Calculation level visualization feature has been significantly improved with better functionality and new features. See video.
  • Pipeline feature has been significantly improved to streamline the modelling work. See video.
Apros Pipeline feature view