New version Apros 6.13 is now released

New version Apros 6.13 is now released and available. Please contact your distributor to receive the new version. Some of the new features and improvements are listed below. For a complete list of changes, please see the release notes in Apros 6.13 documentation.

New features of Apros 6.13:

  • New process component: Minimum flow valve. Minimum flow valve consists of two valves – main valve and bypass valve – whose position depends on the pressure difference over the main valve. A minimum flow valve is typically installed after a pump to ensure that there is some flow through the pump during all operating conditions even if the consumer flow demand is zero or very low.
  • New process component: Clutch. Clutch component is used to connect shafts together. E.g. gas turbine and steam turbine shafts could be connected/disconnected with the new component.
  • Pipeline: Many improvements have been done to the Pipeline component. Most importantly:
    • Pipeline now supports also the homogeneous (TH2) flow model in addition to the six-equation model (TH6). All the fluids of the homogeneous model are supported.
    • Pipeline visualization user interface has been improved. Similar user interface is used also for the new color visualization feature in Calculation level visualization tool.
    • Pipeline symbol generation has been improved. The default settings result in better-looking and more consistent symbols. Additionally, possibilities for the symbol customization have been improved.
  • Calculation Level Visualization: The visualization feature now supports also the monitoring of the state attributes and color visualization of any node attribute.
  • User-Defined-Liquid (UDL) 6-equation model: It is now possible to simulate a mixture of a user-defined liquid and non-condensable gases with the six-equation model. This can applied e.g. in molten salt applications for improved accuracy.
  • Water-steam tables used by Apros solver have been updated for improved accuracy. Both the old and new tables are based on IAPWS-IF97 standard.
New process components: Minimum flow valve and Clutch
Pipeline visualization features in Apros 6.13
Calculation level visualization new features: state parameter visualization and color visualization