Training and Education

Training and Education

Perfect tool for training new and experienced professionals

One of the key factors in the safe and economic operation of a power plant is having well trained personnel. Apros models and simulators can be used to ensure adequate simulator training of power plant personnel, from engineers to plant operators. Apros has been used successfully in several countries for training simulator applications.

The scope of the simulator may range from a simple simulator used to study the basic dynamic of the process to a full-scope nuclear power plant training simulator used for operator training. A simple simulator can be run on a normal office computer. Full-scope training simulator applications can be built to be identical to the corresponding plant’s main control room.

Apros for universities – Supporting education and providing hands-on dynamic experiences for students

Apros is used in several universities in e.g. Finland, Hungary, Sweden, Russia, Egypt, China and Germany. Apros provides a tool for students who are studying process modelling and learning about the dynamics of the real processes. Apros is delivered with ready-made basic plant models that can be used to study the basic dynamics of a power plant.