Training Simulators

Training Simulators

Apros has been successfully used in many training simulator projects to model plant processes and automation. Apros simulation software successfully combines high accuracy with high simulation speed. This makes Apros an excellent choice for full-scope training simulators.

Apros software includes many features that make the building of training simulators easy:

  • Fast and easy model building
  • Comprehensive component library (process, automation, electrical etc.)
  • Accurate and fast calculation for all plant states (full power, transients, shutdown)
  • Whole plant modelled in one simulation model
  • For nuclear applications, also containment, 3D neutronics and radioactivity transport models

Using the Apros Training Station application, the instructor can easily design and conduct training sessions. With the tools provided in Training Station:

  • Standard courses can be started and saved
  • New initial conditions can be made
  • Sequences can be used to conduct training runs automatically
  • Simulation speed can be changed (slow, real-time, fast)
  • Standard and specific malfunctions can be activated/deactivated
  • Conditional malfunctions can be defined to be activated automatically after predefined process conditions are met
  • Executed training runs can be replayed using Testing Station replay features
  • Training runs can be easily reported

Apros can be connected to automation systems and human machine interfaces with standard communication interfaces. Connections to e.g. Siemens and Honeywell automation and display systems have been implemented successfully in earlier projects. A power plant’s real automation systems can be connected to Apros, making the plant and simulator automation systems identical.

Apros-based training simulators can also be implemented with Virtual Panels. Read more about Fortum Virtual Panels .