Nuclear Power

Nuclear power

Apros is ideal to use throughout the project life-time in an evolutionary way. As the project evolves and new simulation tasks are topical, the elaborateness of the model also increases.

Selecting Apros for your NPP licensing or construction project or for NPP power upgrade or automation renewal projects can give you substantial cost and schedule benefits in the development and maintenance phase. The same model configuration database can be used directly for different tasks by different users throughout the project life-time.

This reduces the personnel and training costs associated with maintaining know-how in several software tools. Model maintenance is an important issue throughout the NPP life-time. After plant modifications to process equipment or automation systems, the simulator models must be updated annually. Apros Team Server helps the users to effectively collaborate as a team and to keep track of model changes. Having a single model up-to-date is very advantageous.

The scalability of Apros makes it a potential candidate for specific small-scale simulation analysis, and later the model can be expanded to cover the entire NPP model.


Apros has been used for a wide range of tasks in the nuclear industry:

• Accident and transient safety analysis
• Safety analysis and engineering
• Process design and engineering
• Automation design and engineering
• Automation logic check-out
• Full-scale training simulators
• Compact training simulators