High-productivity software with complete suite of tools

High-productivity software with complete suite of tools and expert support

Apros includes features that help you in increasing model configuration, simulation analysis, reporting and model maintenance productivity in the dynamic simulation tasks of your NPP project. These features improve your simulation project productivity and help your project to focus on the essentials:

  • Fast model configuration via easy-to-use Windows graphical user interface requires no programming
  • Increased simulation speed via optimal simulation speed performance
  • Automated model validation tests and reporting after model updates, after yearly revision

In addition to basic modelling and simulation features, Apros includes a complete Apros Tools Suite that brings you task-specific additional features:

  • Apros Testing Station – an integrated automation testing tool for automation check-out projects
  • Apros Training Station – an integrated instructor tool for operator training simulator projects
  • Apros Connectivity Tools for communication with stimulated or emulated automation systems of various automation system vendors
  • External Model Integration Tool for integrating the user’s own calculation codes and unit models
  • Distributed Modelling Tool for generating a distributed plant model in order to maximise simulation speed