Well-validated nuclear models

Well-validated nuclear models

Integrated reactor island, turbine island, containment models including automation, instrumentation and electrical systems.

Apros includes rigorous, well-validated solvers and unit model libraries for dynamic simulation of the entire nuclear power plant process and systems. This gives you the benefit of using a single dynamic modelling and simulation software instead of maintaining know-how and up-to-date models in several tools.

The flexibility of Apros allows you to use different model elaborateness, e.g. 1D or 3D neutronics models. Similarly, during the course of the project, you can start using automation simulated in Apros, and replace it with automation vendor-specific detailed emulated automation when it becomes available.

The Apros thermal hydraulic code and nuclear library unit models have been extensively verified and validated for both BWR- and PWR-type light-water reactors. The validation procedure covers cold startup and shutdown procedures, normal operation modes, load rejections, and e.g. various accident and emergency situations. The extensive code verification and validation procedure is repeated for each new Apros release.

Used in Finland extensively for licensing safety analyses approved by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).

Apros is a completely vendor-independent code that is well-suited for NPP transient analysis in benchmarking purposes.

More detailed information of Apros models

1D and 3D Core Neutronics 
Integrated Containment model
Thermal Hydraulic models

Validation details

Apros – Validation and Verification Paper (list of calculated cases)